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60-Second Strategy For Binary Options Or Scalping

One of the main reasons to invest in binary options is to make money quickly, that’s why today we are going to see a strategy of 60 seconds for binary options only using an indicator and the Japanese candles. This strategy is, and we can use it for 60 seconds or 120 seconds and sometimes for 5 minutes that are 300 seconds, something that lately regulated binary options brokers offer, we will not talk about significant temporalities where it can also be used, but they are longer-term operations.

What to Know About this Strategy?

To explain how this strategy works in 60 seconds binary options, I want to clarify that when we do operations 1 minute, we are running a higher risk than in the operations of 15 minutes or 1 hour, so we must understand this fully. Once we have a process, we have a 50% gain or lose the chance, and having such a small time we will have many more trading signals, so we have the option to end out money “out of money.” Even so tending a good strategy, testing it for some time and above all being constant, we can ensure to have a short-term benefit in the best options trading platform signal.

How The 60-Second Strategy Works For Binary Options

The strategy is straightforward to use; for them, we have the option to use advanced graphics or have a platform where you can see the charts directly in any forex broker or CFDs.

Once we have the graphics, we must put candlestick candlesticks and then the Bollinger indicator that we can find in indicators, then trend and finally Bollinger Bands. Once we double-click on the graph, we will put the indicator with a default configuration that we will leave the same, and we click OK. Now we will find that the indicator is on top of the graph and we will see how the Bollinger bands have two moving averages that indicate the resistance levels above “roof zone” and supports below “ground zone,” once found this we will put into practice.

The strategy of 60 seconds for binary options is straightforward, when we find 3 to 5 candles that come out of the Bollinger bands “3 candles high risk, four candles medium risk five candles low risk, the greater number of candles lower risk we will run” we will have a Counter-trend signal.