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A quick look at Canadian customs brokers and their work for clients!

Import & exports are subject to numerous rules and regulations in Canada. Importers are required to maintain transparency with customs declarations, and all duties & taxes must be paid as mandatory. There is no rule that requires importers to hire a customs broker for importing into Canada. However, keeping up with the regulations, changing trade agreements and laws is anything but easy. With customs brokers, importing is easier and hassle-free. Top names, like Clearit customs brokerage, work with clients in every which way, to simplify imports and exports.

The basics

All customs brokers are licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Their primary job is to ensure that all paperwork is cleared, duties are paid, so that goods can be cleared at the border, as soon as possible. Customs brokers rely on electronic communications to work with clients and CBSA, and as required, they also deal with other agencies that have a role in imports and exports. In other words, customs brokers don’t need to have a physical office at the port of entry. Many customs brokers work and handle all kinds of shipment coming via air, sea and land. When an importer hires a customs broker, they allow the customs broker to act on their behalf.

Questions for customs brokers

If you are working with customs brokers for the first time, it is important to understand what they bring to the table. Many customs brokerage services help clients with consulting too, allowing them to focus on their business, while they take care of customs procedures, changing laws and regulations. Here are some of the relevant questions to ask –

  1. How long have you been operational?
  2. What are your working hours? Can I expect assistance 24×7?
  3. What kind of assistance do you offer for new importers and exporters?
  4. Do you offer customs consulting?
  5. Can you explain the risks associated with my business?
  6. How can we mitigate and manage some of these trade risks?
  7. Can you help in reducing importing costs?
  8. What help and information would you need to handle my imports and shipments?
  9. What are the charges like? Who will handle my queries?
  10. Do you have an active customer support team?

As a client, find a customs broker you can trust. Check if they have good reviews, and whether they can assist with your business. Any experience in your niche, or ability to handle importing challenges, is always welcome.

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