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Best investment options in 2020

One of the essential ways of saving money with time is by having to invest is properly. Investing money helps an individual to grow his wealth and gain financial independence. As our parents have always thought us to save money from an early age so it is important that as adults we invest these saving properly for a better future. So if you are someone looking for investment options to plan your finances then here we are to help you in detail.

Various types of investments

The investments have two classes that are short-term and long-term. People can easily choose one from them according to their needs and requirements.


Short-term investments help in providing the right amount of returns in a fixed period of time. We have mentioned some of them here below:

  • Fixed deposits: The bank’s fixed deposits are one of the safe options of investments to get the right amount of returns in the given period. The interest rate on these fixed deposits vary from bank to bank but once you get the returns they are not liable for the tax.
  • Equity-linked savings scheme: The equity-linked saving scheme provides an excellent return rate and is a better option that has provided by mutual funds. The lock-in period of the saving plan is around three years, but it is advisable to invest more in the scheme for gaining a better return.
  • Short-term debt mutual funds: The short-term debt mutual funds provide an accurate return rate around eight per cent because they have fixed interest rates and investments in government securities, corporate bonds, commercial bills and treasury bills. This mutual fund is less risky and less volatile when it gets compared to other equity funds.
  • Gold/silver: Precious metals like gold and silver are always better options for Indian have been buying gold as a token of cultural heritage and the fact that has such deep roots in our society is that the invested gold is passed in families from one generation to other. However, it is essential to note that the risk factor of investing gold and silver is very high due as it’s the price is subject to the market rate.


The long-term investments are the best options for individuals who are saving for their kids future or retirement. Many people consider this form of investments as they plan for long-term financial goals. Here are some of the long-term options as given below:

  • Unit linked insurance plan: It is the best long-term investment plan plus an insurance policy that provides the return rate of around sixteen per cent. You have to pay the decided premium amount and provide you with the potential of wealth creation while securing your family.
  • Public provident fund: The rate of interest of general provident fund changes every year and the present price is around 7.9 per cent. It is a safe provident fund because it gets operated under government. The investments term is of 15 years.
  • National pension scheme: It is a mixture of equity, government fund scheme, fixed deposit, and corporate bonds. It helps in investing money long-terms and assists in receiving the right amount of return rate. Planning your retirement is the most important goal of financial planning.

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