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Bitcoin Wallets: What your Options?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which makes its approach in terms of acquisition and storage different from traditional currencies. Bitcoin walles must be funded if you want to sell or buy bitcoins from exchanges like Quebex Bitcoin exchange. If you have bitcoins stored online, you will have private keys for accessing your public Bitcoin address and signing in for transactions. There are many kinds of Bitcoin wallets that cater for various requirements, accessibility, as well as terms of security and safety. The following are the different kinds of Bitcoin wallets:

Paper Wallet

This is a document that has a public address you can use for getting bitcoins and a private key. This wallet lets you spend or transfer bitcoins stored at this address. The document is usually printed in a form of QR-codes which makes scanning them and adding the keys to a software wallet easier. Some services can generate the wallet so you can create a random Bitcoin address and a private key to it.

The major benefit of this form of Bitcoin wallet is that the keys aren’t stored digitally anywhere making it immune to hacker attacks. But, you still have to take some precautions when creating a wallet. Before you generate a paper wallet, ensure nobody is watching you do it. This makes it essential to use a clean operating system that runs from a USB flash or DVD to rule out the risk.

Physical Bitcoin

This is pre-loaded with a fixed amount of BTC of which value cannot be spent as long as you keep your private key hidden. This can be usually achieved by implementing a tamper-evident seal. Physical bitcoins are a convenient way to store funds more safely. Also, it is very useful if you want to trade bitcoins offline.

Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

This bitcoin wallet is especially useful if you are using bitcoins every day to pay for goods in shops or trade them in person. This wallet runs as a mobile application, stores your private keys, and lets you pay for things directly from your phone. Mobile wallets take advantage of simplified payment verification technology. But, it’s important to note that mobile wallets are prone to hacker attacks. Also, you can lose control of your wallet when somebody gains access to your device.

Web Wallets

These Bitcoin wallets store your private keys on a company server. Someone else controls the server which tends to vary in features. Just like mobile wallets, e-wallets let you access funds on-the-go from any device connected to the internet. However, it has to be implemented correctly; otherwise, the company that runs the website are likely to gain access to your private keys and get control of your funds.



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