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Hitfort makes sure cost matters

Cost is a critical consideration when making any business decision. A business owner, especially one just starting up a venture and is working with a tight budget, wants a service that will not cripple its operation.

Throughout the 3rd party shipping industry, companies offer prices that will attract clients and ensure their success.

Hitfort, a leader in the industry, has service plans available to business clients seeking to get their products to customers.

“Some plans are designed to save money for volume users,” the company says on its website Hitfort.com. “Some are designed for infrequent clients who need an easy and convenient option to reclaim their occasional correspondence pick from a plan that fits your needs.”

Picking your price

Hitfort, which is owned by Wilkes Tech, has a basic service plan of $19.95 each month for forwarding mail and packages. Customers can subscribe for annual service or pay as they go. And at any time, customers can cancel plans they no longer need.

The company also offers comprehensive logistics solutions, transportation management for order fulfillment clients. Other services include order fulfillment, fulfillment by Amazon, inspection and quality control, and consultancy.

For these services, Hitfort has “very affordable” service plans for business clients. “We are able to offer such great services at these low prices because we aggressively negotiate with our vendors and carriers to get the best rates we possibly can, and then we pass those savings on to our customers,” the company states on its website at Hitfort.com.

Customers also save more money when they choose to consolidate multiple smaller packages into one larger one.

The company’s leadership and management team solicit feedback from customers and employees to assess performance and identify areas that need improvement. The data helps Hitfort create new services and plans that can save on costs.

Other 3rd party shipping providers offer a series of pricing options business clients can consider.
At MyUS, members of the international shipping service pay for service based on the weight of packages. The U.S. company ships regularly to 220 countries.

Customers have other ways to save money. Members shipping overseas do not have to pay U.S. sales taxes on purchases because the packages are sent to a U.S. address before they are forwarded abroad.
Shop & Ship, like Hitfort has a flexible membership plan for members. And like, MyUS, Shop & Ship has shipping rates based on weight. Shop & Ship calculates its shipping rates for every 100 grams instead of the usual 500 grams.  Clients pocket a 20% discount on shipping rates when the package is more than 3 KG.

Customers should be aware that Shop & Ship does not offer consolidation of shipments, and the size of a package is restricted. Packages that are accepted are stores separately, which can end up costing customers to get each one.

Viabox, another 3rd party shipping provider, follows the international standard to figure out shipping costs. The standard used is the billable weight of a shipment.

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