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How to Find and Use a Bitcoin ATM?

There are more than 400 Bitcoin ATM or BTM around the world and the maximum of them are located in the US. If you are interested to purchase bitcoin, you need to first find or locate a BTM that is closest to you. The best way to find a BTM is through Coin ATM Radar tool. You just click a button and it will show you your closest BTM irrespective of your location around the world. Get the best Equibytes BTM near you for your Bitcoin transactions.

While finding the BTM through Coin ATM Radar tool, you will also get the necessary other information like BTM location map, all necessary transaction-related information like limits of purchasing and selling, the price of Bitcoin, transaction fees, information on purchase only processes and sell only processes etc. The tool also provides you with instant instructions to reach the BTM as well as which machine is available for Bitcoin exchange.

In order to find the BTM open the “Coin Radar” page and find a worldwide Bitcoin map. Just follow the instruction step by step and type the name of your location. You can select the nearest BTM and click to know the details. In order to find the right route, click the “get direction” button and find the shortest route through Google map. You can finally click on the “view listing” button to know more details about the BTM.

In order to process your transaction in the BTM, you need to first know the type of the BTM. Some BTM may permit you to exchange fiat money in exchange for Bitcoin and vice versa. However, most BTMs support Bitcoin to Bitcoin transactions. In order to purchase the Bitcoin, all you need to do is to deposit your currency of your country like USD, EURO, Pounds, CAD, AUD etc. into the BTM and scan your address. You need to get ready with your Bitcoin wallet on your headphone. Your Bitcoin or the portion of your Bitcoin should come to your e-wallet.

The process of purchasing bitcoin in a BTM may vary from BTM to BTM. However, the normal process in all the BTMs includes the verification of identity, the process of providing your Bitcoin address to deposit, inserting of your cash currencies into the BTM machine, and finally confirming the amount and complete the transaction.

Similarly, the general selling processes in most BTM include 3 basic processes. First, enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to sell. Secondly, send the Bitcoin to the displayed address and thirdly, once the confirmation of the transaction is completed, cash gets dispensed.

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