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How to Get Best price while Selling Gold

People often need instant cash during emergencies. And, selling gold is one of the primary things that come to their minds as it is the easiest way to overcome cash crunch. If you are planning to cash for gold in Delhi, here are certain things you should keep in mind to get the best price.

  1. Know the right caratage and weight of your gold items before exchanging it for cash with any gold buyer in Delhi. It is always best to own the receipts of the gold possessions. You can get quotes from multiple gold buyers in your city. There are no typical methods of determining the price for old gold jewelry, so it is advisable to get multiple quotes for cash against gold in Delhi from different jewellers.
  1. It’s preferable to sell gold in Delhi to the same jeweler from whom you have originally bought the jewellery. Some gold buyers offer a facility of buy back. This specific facility is beneficial for you as it can offer you the highest amount of cash for gold in Delhi. Remember, never deal with pawnbrokers as they are often famous to follow malpractices and offer the deals of losses to you.
  1. Before quoting you the final price, gold buyers may deduct a fixed percentage on grounds of wastage or melting charges. Before selling gold in Delhi, check how much percentage they are deducting as some of them may even deduct up to 20%, which is definitely a high number. A low wastage deduction means a better deal so do consult your gold buyer before agreeing on a price.

These are some ways that can help you cash your gold in Delhi in an extraordinary way and at your right amount.


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