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How to participate in the bitcoin revolution

With the emerging of bitcoin revolution app, you might have the urge to participate in it. Bitcoin has become one of the most successful digital currencies in the modern world. It is a cryptocurrency in which techniques are encrypted to verify transactions and create new bitcoins currency.

Here are some of the ways you can utilize in participating in the financial revolution:

  • Acquire bitcoins: There are three ways in which you can get bitcoins. You can accept bitcoins payment, purchase the coins on bitcoins exchange or mine for the bitcoins.
    • Accepting bitcoins payments: This could be the easiest way to get bitcoins. As an entrepreneur, you can start accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment through a solution for merchants.
  • Mining bitcoins: It is similar to mine gold with the difference being in the way it is done; instead of the physical gold mining in a geographical location, the bitcoins mining will be done on an online network. The tools you will use will not be the gold buckets and pans, but a computer which is powerful and software that is specifically meant for that. You will have to solve complex mathpuzzles to mine the gold.

When the mining of bitcoins was still new, it was possible to mine using an off the shelf computer. But with more people competing to do the mining, you will have to spend money to get hardware which is faster. You can use a cheaper alternative where you combine a powerful computer with other bitcoins miner groups through some mining tools.

  • Purchasing bitcoins: Using your cash money, you can be able to purchase bitcoins through an exchange of bitcoins and then go ahead and transfer the same to your bitcoins wallet. The wallet is where you store your private keys.

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