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The Benefits Of Working With Pinnacle Lending

Many people dream of homeownership, but the process can be too confusing for the average person to even get started. If you’re looking for a helping hand with the mortgage application or refinancing processes, Pinnacle Lending will treat you with the personalized attention that all customers deserve. 

For example, let’s say that you have questions about adjustable-rate mortgages (commonly abbreviated to ARMs) versus fixed-rate mortgages. ARMs generally start with a low introductory interest rate, so your monthly payments aren’t too bad at first. However, these numbers usually increase over the life of the loan, making them bad long-term investments. The experts at Pinnacle Lending will therefore recommend ARMs to homebuyers who plan to move soon, benefiting from the initial rates without worrying about increases later. Pinnacle can also set you up with adjustable loans that will never exceed prescribed thresholds, giving you some protection if your plans change. 

In contrast, fixed-rate mortgages allow you to pay a set amount every month and avoid surprises. Your first few payments generally cover interest, with later payments making a bigger dent on your principle. The best time to take out a fixed-rate loan is when national interest rates are low, allowing you to lock in today’s favorable rates even if tomorrow’s aren’t as buyer-friendly. Pinnacle Lending is happy to help you identify when you should strike when it comes to locking in a favorable fixed-rate loan.

You may also have other options available to you that Pinnacle Lending can help you make the most of. For instance, the Department of Veteran Affairs guarantees VA loans, giving veterans the option to get a home loan with reduced closing costs, favorable interest rates, and no money down that they may not qualify for otherwise. There are some extra steps associated with taking out VA loans versus other financial products, but Pinnacle will help you navigate them with aplomb. 

Pinnacle Lending offers a full suite of refinancing options as well. While other lenders will try to sell you whatever they make the most money on, Pinnacle Lending will listen to your needs and help you find the solution that works best for you. If you want to lower your monthly payments, choosing a fixed-rate loan could be the right option. If you want to cash out some of your home equity to make home improvements or pay off higher-interest debt, Pinnacle will help you find a way to get the amount of money you need. You can even convert a 30-year mortgage into a shorter 15-year term if you would like to build up equity in your home more quickly. Most importantly, Pinnacle will empower you to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Pinnacle Lending can also help real estate developers through hard money loans. Hard money loans are loans secured by real estate that help facilitate real estate transactions. Initial payments are very low, followed by a balloon payment that covers the balance once you’ve flipped a property. The value of your collateral is the most important factor in qualifying for a hard money loan, expanding financing to buyers who may not qualify for it otherwise. 

If you have any further questions about Pinnacle Lending or the services they offer, you can contact the company directly by dialing (702) 730-2085 or online at PLGNV.com. Either way, you will soon be speaking with a friendly customer service representative who would be happy to answer any questions you have or get you started on the application process. Pinnacle is also active on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn if you want to do a little bit more homework on the company.


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