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Understanding foreign exchange market before trading through Siby varghese

Foreign exchange also is known as forex or currency trading is a market where all the currencies of the world trade. It is the largest market in the world. Foreign exchange is the synonym for liquid market. Investing in foreign exchange will help you reap great profits. But, one needs to understand the trends of the market in order to make successful investment. You can understand the working of the Siby forex and search for the trading opportunities.

If you are planning to fly to other countries you need to convert your local currency to foreign currency. This exchange of currency is called foreign exchange. The exchange rate between the currencies regulates how much foreign currency you will get in conversion of national currency. The exchange rate of the currencies keeps fluctuating hence, it is one of the most volatile markets.

Steps to become a forex trader

  • Educate yourself about forex market: As the saying goes “Knowledge is the key to success” similarly, if you wish to become a successful trader you need to educate yourself about the basic terminologies of forex trading. Once you gathered enough information you can go on the practical parts by investing your money. Understanding the trading patterns to sharpen your trading skills.
  • Trade with demo account: This is the part where you can experience practical trading. However, this is just dummy trading. It can only be used to familiarise yourself with the forex market. However, you should not spend a major portion of your time on demo account. Once you have understood the basics try investing small amounts in real forex account.
  • Formulate a strategy: If you are planning to trade in the real account you need to build a detailed trading strategy. The strategy should be formulated by keeping in mind the rules and regulations of trading in forex market.

How to make a trade

  • Foreign exchange trading involves two different currencies as you are betting on the value of the two currencies against each other.
  • The first currency in the pair of two currencies is called the base currency, while the second one is called the counter currency.
  • You will always vouch for two prices one is the buy price and the other is the selling price.
  • When you buy or sell a currency you are buying or selling your base currency.
  • If you think the value of the base currency will go up you should buy the currency and if you think it is going to drop then you sell.

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