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Why Choose DCBL Debt Recovery?

DCBL Debt Recovery is not a generic service, each case needs to be considered on its own merit in order for a tailor made service to be provided, we work with you, our client to get the best possible outcome. Whether or not you would like to maintain a relationship with your debtor is a key factor in our recovery methods, we ensure we protect our reputation and yours.

What’s The Process?

Stage 1: Notice of enforcement

DCBL have to give you at least seven ‘clear’ days’ notice before their first visit – ‘clear days’ do not include Sundays or bank holidays.

Stage 2: First visit from HCEOs

High Court Enforcement Officers will visit you with a view to getting you to settle your debt or make a payment arrangement. If you are making an arrangement to pay by instalments, don’t be forced into committing to more than you can reasonably afford – this will just cause you further problems in the long-run.

Stage 3: Controlled Goods Agreement

You might be asked to sign a Controlled Goods Agreement which will allows you to keep the goods, on the proviso that you keep to your payment arrangement. It also allows DCBL to return and remove the goods if you don’t.

Stage 4: Removal of goods

If you can’t satisfy the debt repayments, DCBL can take control of your goods and remove them for sale at auction to offset your debt.

How To Stop Bailiff Action With A Stay Of Execution

If you can’t come to an agreement with High Court Enforcement Officers to pay by affordable instalments, you may be able to prevent further action by applying to the court for a ‘stay of execution’.

You make this application to the court which issued the Writ of Control. You will have to pay a fee to make the application, but it could pause action and buy you time to sort things out. You must also attend the stay of execution hearing at the court.

What Goods Can Be Taken?

DCBL Sheriffs Officers will look to remove valuable items for resale – electrical goods like televisions, games consoles, and sound systems, as well as cash, jewellery, antiques and motor vehicles.

How Can scottishtrustdeed.co.uk Help?

If you’ve been contacted by Debt Collection Bailiffs Limited in relation to money you owe, it is important to act quickly. Failure to act will lead to escalating costs being added to your debt, and you may be unable to prevent bailiff action.


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